Christchurch Metropolitan Cricket Association (CMCA) – the organisation that looks after the adult club and youth cricket in the city – has announced the first ever Ethnic Cricket Festival in Christchurch.

The competition will be played on Sundays from October 29 to December 10, at Hagley Park, with teams playing two Twenty20 games each day. 

“The make-up of our Saturday competitions is becoming increasingly diverse and we are now providing the opportunity for a different community and cultural groups to take part against each other in a sport they are passionate.

We are inviting entries from all ethnic groups in Christchurch, which will make for an exciting and colourful competition,” said a CMCA communique.

The tournament will also host a cultural day on November 5, and registration of teams will close on October 20.

Notably, Christchurch is home to some 10,000 active cricket players with many from the Indian sub-continent, where cricket is more of a religion.

Even after suffering the devastating earthquakes of 2010-11, come summer, every weekend will see juniors, seniors, men, women, and veterans engaged in a battle of bat and ball on more than 100 functioning cricket pitches across the city.