Another dairy had been robbed over this weekend, in South Auckland this time, where the offender escaped with cigarettes and cash worth $150 at gunpoint, leaving the two shop assistants completely shocked.

The incident took place at the Puhinui dairy in South Auckland on Saturday, March 11; around 8.20 a.m., fortunately, no one was injured at this instance. 

The staff who declined to comment on record had revealed to Indian Weekender that a group of two masked attackers had entered the superette in the morning at around 8.15 am and held the gun at their temple asking for cash and cigarettes.

"We were making our morning tea when two completely masked offenders charged in and put a gun to our head," one of the staff members said

"Since it was early morning there was not enough cash in the till so robbers escaped with a little bit of cash and cigarettes," he further stated.

Earlier, Indian Weekender has reported about an aggravated robbery in the Crown Superette on Melrose Road, Mt Roskill area, on Sunday, March 12, where two people were injured, and one critically, when a group of seven alleged offenders had raided the shop armed with a baseball bat and a crowbar.

Since then, one person had been discharged from the Auckland hospital whereas the other staff had multiple surgeries overnight. His condition is now reported to be stable.

Counties Manukau Police is investigating the robbery at Puhnui Superette.

The vehicle used in the escaping had been seized, although no arrests have yet been made.