The Auckland Malayali Samajam will be celebrating Community Day on Saturday, February 25 at Royal Oak Intermediate. More than 1,000 members of the Malayali community are expected to turn up for the event.

Community Day is an occasion for all Malayalis in Auckland to come together and share an evening of music, food, and joy with the other community members. The patrons of the community can showcase their talents and actively participate in various cultural as well as indoor sports events.

The main highlight of the programme will be Sangeetha Sandhya, a platform where any singer from the community can sing karaoke. Also, the programme ‘Shining Stars’ will give an opportunity to the youth of the community to showcase their talents in the form of any cultural performance such as dance, mimicry, storytelling and drama.

Community members will also get a chance to play carrom, chess, and popular card games from Kerala such as Gulan Perish, Support, and Kazhhutha.

Recently, the Auckland Malayali Samajam also organised a Yoga workshop called Praana for the community on Saturday, February 11 at Epsom Methodist Church Hall in Auckland. Conducted by Dr Smitha Mary, the workshop educated attendees on the benefits of yoga in an individual’s physical and spiritual life.