As hopes dwindle for the embattled Indian students, currently under the “symbolic sanctuary” of a Ponsonby based United Church, questions are being raised about the missing support from the Indian community, especially their leaders.

Speaking exclusively to Indian Weekender, Alistair McClymont, the immigration lawyer representing these students, expressed surprise and anguish over the missing support from important stakeholders in the Indian community including Gurudwaras and Temples, and especially two National MPs.

“It seems unbelievable to me that so many people in the Indian community have had this problem in the past and continued to have this problem but do nothing to support these nine extremely brave students who are willing to stand up, not only for their rights but also for rights of every single Indian student and Indian migrants in this country.

The Indian community has just stood by silently and said nothing,” Mr McClymont said.

Earlier today, one student was picked up by the immigration compliance team from his home, when he was away from the church and being sent back India.

At the time of reporting, the student was reported to be in Central Auckland Police Station where immigration officials were making further travel arrangements.

It is reported that the student will be flown away to India on Friday.

Sensing the intent of the Immigration New Zealand (INZ) to use force to remove the students from church and send them away, media waited in full force at the church.

However, nothing further happened as the immigration officials and police choose not to come inside the church, at least today.

Mr McClymont was told by the manager of compliance team of INZ that they do not intend to come to church today to forcefully remove the students.

Embattled students had got another day to remain in this country.

Speaking further to Indian Weekender, Mr McClymont was critical of the non-committal attitude of the Indian MPs, especially the two National List MPs on this issue.

“They are not providing any support whatsoever. In fact, the two National List MPs of Indian origin simply copy and paste the statement of the minister of immigration and calling these Indian students fraudsters and demanding that they should be deported and are standing by government position.

They seem to be on the side of corrupt Indian agents and schools which extract millions of dollars from these students. They don’t seem to care about the miseries that these individual students are facing in these countries,” Mr McClymont lamented.

Meanwhile on being asked by Indian Weekender that what other legal options are available to these students Mr McClymont told that they have proposed to the Immigration Minister that if Immigration New Zealand officials believe that students have committed fraud then they should be prosecuted in the court of law which also gives students a chance to defend themselves in court rather than facing deportation without them being heard in the court of law.