India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accepted our Prime Minister John Key's invitation to make a reciprocal visit to New Zealand. 

Speaking immediately after bilateral summit level talks between the two leaders just while ago, Prime Minister John Key confirmed that Prime Minister Modi has accepted his invitation.  

“I’m delighted that Prime Minister Modi has accepted my invitation and I am sure all New Zealanders, including our large Indian community, will look forward to welcoming him when he can make it to New Zealand,” said the Prime Minister. 

Although it is not clear that when this visit will happen, yet it is a significant news given that the last time when Modi was in the region he has given a miss to New Zealand.  

The two Prime Ministers agreed on the need for New Zealand and India to strengthen the trade and economic architecture between the two countries.

“It is important we work together with like-minded countries to enhance regional prosperity and stability and working more closely with India, which is playing an increasingly important role in global and regional affairs, will build on our efforts to do this,” Mr Key said. 

The two leaders agreed to expand their cooperation in new areas such as cyber security, counter-terrorism, customs, education and food safety as well as for working to ensure more frequent meetings between leaders and officials of the two countries.