“When we think of resources being limited, we often think of our own abilities. Here, too, our notion of limits may inhibit us. We may push ourselves to what we believe are our limits, in swimming, public speaking, or mathematics. However, whether they are true limits is not determinable.

It may be in our best interest to proceed as though these and other abilities might be improved upon, so that at least we will not be deterred by false limits. It was once assumed that humans could not run the mile in fewer than five minutes. In 1922 it was said to be ‘humanly impossible’ to run the mile in less than four minutes. In 1952 that limit was broken by Roger Bannister. Each time a record is broken, the supposed limit is extended. Yet the notion of limits persists.”

—Ellen Langer from Mindfulness

I find myself talking a lot about limiting beliefs and breaking through them. The main reason is that I find so many people around me (including me, sometimes) who tend to place these limits upon themselves and seldom try to break through them. I liked the usage of the words "humanly possible" in the above paragraph. Just because it hasn’t been done before, we assume that a limit as been set and that it is impossible to break through it.Yet someone who is willing to stretch themselves often comes along and breaks those barriers. Sometimes I feel we limit ourselves also out of the lack of faith in our abilities. So I can only encourage (and promise to practice) that we do not bind ourselves to restrictions and constantly endeavour to stretch ourselves beyond our limits, for only when we have done that, we have truly lived.

In the same vein, it is heartening to see our very own Helen Clark, who is running for the UN Secretary General, pushing her limits as she confidently goes through the debates and questions put to her. Anyone could have easily chosen to bask in the glory of having led a country for a number of years as prime minister, but she is one such example of people who continue to challenge themselves.

Lately, we have been talking a lot about NZ police. We applaud their recent initiative to support the vulnerable at the Te PueaMarae and bring you a detailed story on it. Also, starting this week, we bring stories of the police in action in our communities and also share tips for safety, so we can build a safer community together. 

We are still getting a grasp on how Brexit is going to affect our world and the first example of this comes with Britain getting a new prime minister. Read more on this too.

Also, the new cycleway was inaugurated recently.So as you read more about it, we hope it will encourage a few people to cycle to work. This will not just improve the traffic situation but your health as well. Stay healthy.

Until next time.

Giri Gupta