The importance of the Hindi language in our community will be highlighted in a day-long Hindi Diwas celebration in Auckland next week.

Opposition Leader Phil Goff will be chief guest at the Hindi Diwas (Day) celebrations 2011 is organised by the Hindi Language and Culture Trust to be held at Papatoetoe High School on Saturday Sept 17, from 9.30am.

“The core objective of the celebration is to bring awareness for the importance of teaching and learning of Hindi language,” trust president Satya Dutt said.

“The Trust’s mission is the facilitate formulation of national Hindi curriculum and being offered in schools. Research has shown that learning mother tongue and second language enhances academic performance of students.

“New Zealand is establishing trade relationship with India. Hindi language and culture will play vital role as means of better communications and understanding.

“The celebration was aimed at forming network with individuals and organisations to come together and work for a common goal that was taking referendum and take a course of action.”

Dutt said Papatoetoe High School was chosen as the venue because it was the first school in the country to teach Hindi to year 9 and 10 students. Seven non-speakers of Hindi are studying Hindi language.

Participants are coming all from Wellington, Hamilton and others parts of the country including mostly from greater Auckland areas.

“Workshop participants will have an opportunity to acquire deep understanding of the importance of maintaining language and culture. It will conclude with panel discussion to develop strategies to move forward in facilitating work on creating national curriculum.”

The theme for the Hindi Diwas celebration is Hindi Hamari Pehechan.

Admission: Free. Morning tea, afternoon tea, lunch and dinner provided free.


9.30am–4.30pm: Workshop – 10 topics would be covered (refer to the programme)
11am–3pm: sports & Fun games
6.30-10pm: Entertainment, Official Opening, oratory, exhibitions, projects, poems, Bollywood, jokes etc.

“We are requesting general public, mandalis and other organisations to register at east two participants for the workshop. Songs and other items are all welcome,” Dutt said.

Souvenir magazine will be printed to commemorate the celebrations.
The programme:
9.30 – 10.00 MORNING TEA
10am – 10.50am: Session A1 Confirmed
Topic: Language Teaching in New Zealand
Facilitator – Satya Dutt (President of Hindi Language and
Culture Trust of New Zealand)
Chairperson – Rishi Maharaj Session A2
Topic: Development of Hindi in New Zealand
Facilitator: Sunita Narayan – Teacher/Co-ordinator
Wellington Hindi School
Chairperson – Bijay Lal
10.50am – 11.40pm: Session B1
Topic: Development and Teaching of Hindi in Fiji

Facilitator – Dr Net Ram Sharma (Retired SEO/Hindi MoE, Fiji
Chairperson – Rukamma Lal
Session B2
Topic: Community Partnership in Promoting Hindi Language and Culture
Facilitator – Satend Sharma (Secretary - Waitakere Hindi Language and Culture School
Chairperson – Mahend Sharma
11.40pm – 12.30pm: Session C1 Confirmed
Topic: Promotion of Hindi Language and Culture through Radio
& TV
Facilitator – Roopa Suchdev, Radio and TV Presenter
Chairperson – Saha Deo Krishna Session C2
Topic: Development of other Pacifika Languages Tongan/Samoan, Cook Islands etc
Facilitator – Roza Kalauni, Teacher, Papatoetoe High School
Chairperson – Kamrul Jalil
12.30pm – 1.30pm L U N C H
1.30pm – 2.20pm: Session D1
Topic: Hindi and Music Teaching in New Zealand
Facilitator – Pt. Ram Kumar Sewak (Hindi/Music
Chairperson – Ragini Narayan Session D2
Topic: Sanskrit and the Development of Language at
Hare Krishna School.
Facilitator – Prana Dasa (Principal- Hare Krishna School)
Chairperson – Vijay Kumar
2.20pm – 3.30pm: Session E1
Topic: Teaching Hindi through ICT
Facilitator – Sushila Sharma (Tutor CCE, University of
Chairperson – Mavis Singh Session E2
Topic: Migrant and Refugee Education through Hindi Medium
Facilitator – Parvathi Raghonathan (Migrant and Refugee
Education Coordinator) Ministry of Education
Chairperson – John Reddy
3.30 – 4.30 Panel Discussion
Topic: Scope of Teaching and Learning Hindi Language in New Zealand Chairperson: Satya Dutt & Vijendra Prasad
Secretary: Ragini Narayan & Satya Kumar
Panel Leaders: Sunita Narayan, Dr Net Ram Sharma, Ranjit Singh, Pt. Ram Kumar Sewak, Prana Dasa, Joyti Devi, Mavis Singh, Prem Singh, Devakar Prasad and Shiu Ram, Jag Prasad, Saha Deo, Mahesh Bindra, Rukamma Lal, Daya Prasad, Roza Kalauni, Parvathi Raghunathan, Roopa Suchdev, Sushila Sharma and Principals of Papatoetoe Intermediate and High Schools plus all the participants.

The programme for the whole day.
Evening Programme Saturday 17th
6.30pm – 10.00 pm

Master of Ceremony: Satend Sharma & Sapna of Radio Tarana

6.30pm – Everyone get seated and arrival of guests
Arrival of Hon Phil Goff, Leader of the Opposition
Haka by Papatoetoe High School
6.45pm – Prayers and Lighting of Diya by Pt Sunil Sharda
6.50pm - National Anthem
7pm – Opening Religion Dance
7.10pm – Oratory 1 (Primary School)
Oratory 2 (Primary School)
Oratory 3 (Primary School)
7.25pm – Item 1
7.30pm – Item 2
Oratory 1 (Open)
7.40pm – Item 3
7.45pm – Official Opening Address by organising Chairperson-Satya Dutt
7.55pm – Oratory 4 (Intermediate School)
Oratory 5 (Intermediate School)
Oratory 6 (Intermediate School)
8.05pm – Item 4
8.10pm – Item 5
8.15pm – Keynote address by the Chief Guest-Hon Phil Goff, Leader of the Opposition.
8.30pm – Official launching of Hindi Language and Culture Trust of New Zealand by MP Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi - National List Member; Manukau East
Oratory 2 (Open)
8.40pm – Item 7
Oratory 7 (High School)
Oratory 8 (High School)
Oratory 9 (High School)
8.50pm – Item 8

Oratory 3 (Open)
9.05pm – Item 9
9.10pm- Item 10
9.15pm – Oratory Presentation by Robert Khan of Radio Tarana
Concluding remarks by Kanwal Singh Bakshi
Vote of Thanks by Sunita Narayan
9.30pm – 10pm – Meet/greet (mix & mingle) and Dinner
10pm – End of official programme