A new international advertising campaign titled Learn New Every Day has been unveiled by Education New Zealand to build awareness and interest in a New Zealand education for prospective overseas students.

International students generated an estimated $3.8 billion for the New Zealand economy before Covid-19 emerged in 2019, a figure that nose-dived to about $800 million in 2020, with universities taking the biggest hit.

"The campaign communicates what we strongly believe is New Zealand's competitive edge in the international education market," says Nick Sinclair, global brand manager at Education New Zealand.

"A New Zealand education experience is as much about the adventure, social experiences and our unique culture and landscapes, as it is about the high-quality study opportunities that we offer," he says.

Geoff Bilbrough is general manager of marketing and communication at Education New Zealand.

Geoff Bilbrough is general manager of marketing and communication at Education New Zealand. Photo: Supplied

Learn New Every Day provides a first-hand perspective of the experiences international students may encounter in a single day when pursuing their studies in New Zealand.

It offers a glimpse into the opportunities and cultural richness that come with choosing New Zealand as a study destination.

"The scenes and scenarios in the campaign reflect our core values of a high-quality education and employability/future opportunities," says Geoff Bilbrough, general manager of marketing and communication at Education New Zealand.

"These messages are woven through the campaign through imagery and action involving learners in a range of environments across all parts of New Zealand's education sector, alongside the well-known adventure and social experiences," he says.

Bilbrough says the featured imagery reflects what international students are looking for in a New Zealand education.

Scheduled to run at least 18 months in each jurisdiction, the campaign kicked off in key markets such as India, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan on 31 October. Education New Zealand says it plans to launch the campaign in China by the middle of next week.

The primary focus of the campaign is on engaging students aged 16 to 24 and their parents across various education sectors, including high schools, universities, Te Pukenga, English-language schools and private establishments.

International student numbers have yet to return to pre-pandemic levels. In 2019, Immigration New Zealand granted a total of 108,612 visas to international students.

As of 30 September, the number of student visas approved by Immigration New Zealand so far this year stood at 60,255.