The skies from Eastdale Reserve Grounds in Auckland has appeared much more vibrant as hundreds of colourful kites soar at the Indian Kite Festival 2021.

The reserve has witnessed a massive footfall of people carrying kites, thread rollers, camping chairs, music boxes, food bags and camping tents for a full family day outing and kite flying.

Organisers of the event, Vaishnav Parivar (NZ) Inc. has stated that the footfall from early in the morning has surpassed their expectations and the ground seemed to be looking smaller as the day passed.

4000+ kites and 750 string rollers are on sale from the entrance for kite enthusiasts who are spread across the ground with their families and friends flying kites in the grey-blue skies.

“Fortunately, the weather gods are in our favour today- the sky was a little cloudy and sun playing hide and seek, but a wonderfully windy day that helps the kites soar higher in the space,” Manhar Patel, president of Vaishnav Parivar NZ told The Indian Weekender.

On the occasion of Makarsankranti festival which passed a few days ago this week, people make special prayers and fly kites as a tradition back in Gujarat, India and by the diaspora all around the globe.

“People are buying at least ten kites at once to fly them with their families- I have seen parents teaching their little children how to tie the strings to the kite and help lift and fly them in the sky,” Mr Patel added.

The organisers have arranged various food stalls serving from Indian snacks to churros, tea, coffee, ice-gola, kulfi, candies, and much more so that people can enjoy the day and have lunch and tea while they are in the ground.

An array of cultural shows are also arranged at the venue to entertain the visitors sitting in the massive tent- made especially for the elderly, and children to escape the heat and the sun during the day.

The hosts have also placed bouncing castles, drawing and painting competition for the children to enjoy and engage during the day.

“I have been coming to the kite festival for the last 12 years and have never been disappointed with the kind of arrangements made by the organisers- every age group of people can engage and entertain themselves during this day-long festival,” a senior citizen flying a kite at the event said.

“I am flying one kite for the last three hours and cut kites so far,” said another person at the event.

A group of men and women flying kites and helping with the string roller said they wait all year long to enjoy this special day of Makarsankranti festival, and fly kites as they did back in India.

“We friends and family come to the event every year and have a great family fun picnic day, play with our children and fly kites with our friends- and the environment is much similar to that of Ahmedabad during the kite flying festival there,” said another person at the event.

The hosts are also selling raffle tickets at the event, and an Apple iPhone 12 is the big prize for the winner.