Auckland’s film-deprived cinemagoers will have a treat of a locally made Fiji-Hindi comedy movie, released next week. 

Unlimited Tamaashaa – a comedy adventure film is set to be released in New Zealand on Thursday, November 26 at Event Cinemas, Manukau, Auckland. 

The film is produced, directed and involves local artists and the makers of the film are hoping that the post-Covid lull in the cinema industry might work to their advantage by bringing cinemagoers to theatres and support local talents. The film was shot in Fiji and New Zealand. 

“Covid19 has been a wake-up call for local businesses – and the film industry is no different.

The dependency on Bollywood and Hollywood films have been quite strong. Now that the pandemic is part of our lives, and cinemas are ready to open – there are no new Bollywood or Hollywood films and only some reruns. Local productions then are the way to go. I see this as a golden opportunity for local filmmakers to push their films in cinemas for a grateful audience who would enjoy the pleasure of returning to cinemas,” Sridhar Kallidai, the film’s Producer & Director said. 

The production team have previously worked together on a similar local project Pump up the mandali, which was praised for its strong local storyline and production values is fondly remembered by all avid Fijian film goers. 

Sridhar is promising that their new venture will also maintain the same local flavour, connection to the audience, and excellent production values. 

“The element of comedy, dealing with problematic situations, family values, and a feelgood factor is essential during these tiring circumstances. We have tried to showcase the best of Fiji and New Zealand in a cinematic way, and the flavour of a 100 per cent local cast and crew adds to the charm,” said. 

Assistant Director Azhar Adam was delighted with the opportunity to showcase his skills and talent. 

“Coming out of film school in New Zealand, there are not that many opportunities for us as filmmakers. To be able to assist the director in a local production was a terrific opportunity – the exposure to handling the camera with the director, and to assist in directing – both were amazing, hands-on experiences,” Adam said. 

The film has been classified PG in New Zealand. 

“The movie is actually clean; the family can watch it together without any issues: no violence, but some innuendos in line with the character. So, getting a Parental Guidance rating instead of a G rating is not really an issue,” Sridhar said. 

The red-carpet premiere screening for Unlimited Tamaashaa is being held at the VMAX theatre of Event Cinemas, Manukau - entry strictly by invitation. 

The regular shows for the general audience begin from Thursday, November 26, at Event Cinemas, Manukau, Auckland.