Rotoruan Vishal Sharma is known in the community for his passion for tourism, explicitly drawing the attention of travellers to the city of ‘geothermal geysers’, Rotorua in Bay of Plenty.

Vishal, who has been associated with the media and tourism industry has used all his talents and skills to promote Rotorua city not just to New Zealanders but also reaching out to travellers from all around the globe.

His spirit of promoting the city as a global destination for activities and sighting seeing is unbroken even after losing his job due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This news of becoming redundant at his previous job did disappoint him first, but the man has decided to make the most of this adversity to his advantage, dedicate his talents to a new venture of until the tourism sector gets back on its feet.

Vishal has started ‘mini brochure business’ as a secondary option, for now, which will help him bring sustain himself and his family and at the same time promote small, medium and big tourism enterprises offering various fun activities in Rotorua.

“The idea is not just to make a decent livelihood but also give tourism operators in Rotorua an opportunity to attract travellers from within the country, for now, to come and enjoy Rotorua and activities it is offering,” Vishal told The Indian Weekender.

Vishal Sharma earlier last year penned the coffee table book on Rotorua ‘Places of Pride Rotorua Rotovegas of New Zealand’.

Vishal has for long planning to write the third edition of his book and this time, distribute the book globally to major cities in different countries, all with the goal to brand Rotorua the ‘hotspot’ for tourism and activities in New Zealand.

“It was indeed challenging to lose a job due to a drastic drop in tourism in this Covid-19 pandemic, and the industry had suddenly gone into massive losses and job cuts.

“But I am certain that things will pick up in months and we need to prepare ourselves from now, branding and promoting tourism in the country, especially Rotorua, which I believe is the most beautiful place on earth,” Vishal said.

Vishal is looking forward to his upcoming coffee table book’s 3rd edition which will be a breakthrough for him and it will be distributed globally, such as Australia, Thailand, USA, Singapore, India, Canada etc.

“The coffee table book is very special to me; I have designed, penned it, published and distributed the previous two versions to every important business and government sector, not just in locally, nationally and even overseas,” Vishal added.

Besides the coffee table book and brochure venture, Vishal will be in and around Rotorua city and other regions around New Zealand with his ‘I Love Rotorua’ photo frame to promote the destination and bring business to the region.

Vishal says he is hopeful, confident, and even though he lost his job recently, has not lost his vision to make Rotorua the one-stop fun destination in the country.