Slumberzone, the bed and mattress company is New Zealand is conducting a treasure hunt event in Auckland to fundraise and support Child Cancer Foundation.

The treasure hunt is scheduled to be held on Sunday, April 26, where the participants will look for clues in different prominent locations of the city starting and ending at the venue Ellerslie Racing Club in Ellerslie.

The format or sequence of the treasure hunt is that it will start at 9 a.m. from Ellerslie Racing Club where the teams of two or four will have to decode the clue, go to the next location in their chosen mode of transport (car or bike), get the paper signed by the crew at that location, pick up the next clue and proceed to collect all five clues ending at the main venue.

The first team to arrive first with the clues signed by the crew from all locations will be declared the winner.

Organisers of the event, Slumberzone, has invited teams with sponsorships to participate in this creative and adventurous game to raise funds for a noble cause.

“We have hosted and participated in several fundraising events for different bodies but this time we thought to go with something more creative and engaging so that every individual involved in the project can both enjoy and contribute their part,” Ranjay Sikka, Managing Director of Slumberzone, told The Indian Weekender.

Participants can enter the treasure hunt via invites through social media, adverts and personal referrals. The participation sponsorship starts with $100 (Adventurous TWO) where a team of two can enter, and their mode of travel will be on a bike. The next category of participation is Elite Four, $200, where a team of four can participate and travel in one car. The highest level of sponsorship participation is ‘Corporate Premium’ where a group of three can make the team, and the fourth member will be a celebrity or a famous personality from the event organisers.

“In the Corporate team, the fourth person can be an All Black, a Black Cap, a TV star or any other surprise guest. This celebrity will accompany the participant in their vehicle for the treasure hunt. All participants will be invited for an exclusive dinner party with the celebrities,” the media team of the treasure hunt event said.

The winners will be chosen separately for the car and bike entries into the competition.