Two people are dead and a child has been critically injured after a serious incident in South Auckland.

The neighbour, who did not want to be named, said they were shocked to see police cars arrive, as there appeared no signs of trouble last night or this morning.

"We'd just brought the gazebo in from the backyard because it started raining and came in and sat down and the next thing all the cops are swooping on the place, we're like 'what the hell is going on'."

She said they watched as the child, a boy, who they estimated was between 5-8 years old, was carried to the ambulance on a stretcher with a gash across his forehead.

Asked how he looked, she said, "not good, not good at all ... he's going to have a fight on his hands".

The boy has been taken to Starship Hospital in a critical condition.

The neighbour the family had a lovely Christmas and they saw them outside yesterday.

"He was playing with all his toys, he got a new bike, he was playing with his toys and things. They were putting the trampoline together yesterday, they didn't quite finish it. Dad mowed the lawns.

Police have cordoned off the house and are undertaking a scene examination to try and determine what happened.

They are working to confirm the identities of those who died and to notify next of kin.

A scene examination is underway and the address has been cordoned off.

Police said they were speaking with a number of individuals in relation to the incident and were not seeking anyone else.

"Police are working to confirm the identities of the deceased and begin next of kin notifications, however, we believe the two deceased were known to each other," Detective Inspector Colin Higson said.

Police are expected to remain at the scene for the rest of the day.


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