Hindu Youth New Zealand is organising an end of student-year event, focussed on preparing students for their paths ahead. The capability building seminar will focus on ensuring young people are empowered and have all the right tools to reach their full potential.

‘Building Your Kiwi Future’ is a seminar targeted at all young people with a special focus on international students. The event will be held at WG 9th Floor, AUT City Campus, Auckland.

“International students in New Zealand perform well academically, but from the conversations we have been having in our groups, it is clear that the gap between the academic world and the working world is reasonably wide,” said Murali Magesan, President of Hindu Youth New Zealand.

“There is a lot of work done in workplaces to improve diversity and address cultural biases, however, there are few working to address this problem before young people enter the workplace.”

The seminar will focus on key topics that are of interest to students- networking, presentation skills, applying for job opportunities, effective communication in a corporate setting and putting their best foot forward.

A number of prominent speakers who are practitioners and leaders in this field will be present and available for questions and answers on the day. Mike Keech (Director, Impact Sponsorships), Nischal Pai (Head of Learning Academy, Douglas Pharmaceuticals) and Rani Nilam (Senior Accountant, ANZ Bank) will participate in a discussion on issues relevant to young people moderated by Garry Gupta (Founder, Migrant Careers Support Trust).

“New Zealand has two degrees of separation. Understanding this, building one’s network and utilising the network can be a stretch for some international students. Hence, two of the key focus areas of the seminar are the power of networking and effective communication,” added Murali Magesan.

Migrant Careers Support Trust will be present on the day with a focus on ensuring students know where to reach out to in case they need help and support. Migrant Careers Support is charitable trust that aims to achieve social equity, inclusion and social cohesion by better economic integration of migrant workers and people from the ethnic communities in the New Zealand society.

Participants will get an opportunity to build on their soft skills, learn valuable tips from the presenters and their peers as well as interact with all presenters during and after the event. The event is timed to be at the end of the academic year where students would have completed their end of year exams and can start thinking about the next steps of their career.

“For students, often the focus is on assignment submissions and exams, but these are also important issues that every student thinks about. If we can help in some way and provide a platform for useful discussions, we are positively contributing to helping each other excel,” said Murali Magesan.“A topical issue at the moment fora number of international students is immigration. To address this, we will have Raj Pardeep Singh from Legal Associates to answer any questions asked of him on the day,” added Mr Magesan.

This will be a free event, fully funded by Hindu Youth New Zealand with support from AUT Indian Association (in Kiwi-Land). As seats are limited, registration is essential, one can register on https://buildingyourkiwifuture.lilregie.com/booking/attendees/new

For more information, please get in touch with Murali Magesan on 0210820 5130 or Kishalay Masanta on027 645 5168 or email hinduyouthnewzealand@gmail.com Or send us on Facebook: Hindu Youth New Zealand