A Kiwi-Indian mum and businesswoman, Tejal Tailor, is hopeful of bringing the pageant title Mrs Universe New Zealand to her community.

“This is my childhood dream, and I am excited to bring the crown to our community,” Mrs Tailor told the Indian Weekender.

Mrs Universe NZ Pageant is being launched this year aiming to create awareness and unite women, to work against domestic violence, while celebrating their holistic beauty.

The pageant is for women aged between 21 and 55, married and with or without kids. The winner will be going to Guangzhou, China, to represent New Zealand in the Mrs Universe competition.

The competition includes all classic pageant-events like swimwear, sportswear, national costume dress and gown modelling, and Mrs Tailor is preparing hard for all the segments.

“In fact, my husband and children have been helping me in preparations for this contest,” she said.

Mrs Tailor, 39, originally from Gujarat, who first arrived in New Zealand 19 years ago, and lives with her husband and two teenage kids (One son and one daughter).

Initially, she worked multiple jobs as a sales professional in real-estate before embarking on managing and owning several businesses.

Currently, she is running her fitness and wellness business in West Auckland and often enjoys giving free training.

“I enjoy giving back to the community in whatever little way I can,” Mrs Tailor said.

Being a high achiever in this country with rich life-experiences Mrs Tailor strongly believes that, this is the right time to play her part in spreading awareness and taking action against domestic violence by using the platform of Mrs Universe New Zealand. 

As a part of her community-outreach to connect with the members of the Kiwi-Indian community, and to create awareness and spread the word about the novel cause associated with this beauty pageant, Mrs Tailor has been meeting with several key stakeholders such as Members of Parliament, community leaders, Hon. Consul of India, and local ethnic media in Auckland.

“I want my community to connect with the Mrs Universe NZ pageant and spread the message against domestic violence,” Mrs Tailor said.

“I have always dreamt of doing something meaningful in our community, especially for women empowerment. However, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is the hardest part.”

“This pageant gave me the motivation to push myself outside my comfort zone, and now I am enjoying the opportunity,” Mrs Tailor said.

There will be people’s choice awards within the pageant (Mrs Universe NZ People’s Choice Award) that will be decided upon the number of Facebook likes on the candidates’ page.

Mrs Tailor is candidate no 10 and has a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Tejal-Tailor-Mrs-Universe-New-Zealand-2019-Candidate-627537604414370/

The Mrs Universe New Zealand pageant finals will take place in Auckland on September 21, @ 7:30 pm at Guineas Ball Room, Ellerslie Event Centre.