A family of eight living in a house in the central suburb of Blockhouse Bay received the shock of their life when possibly a few people knocked their doors late in the night on Friday, August 23.

Shivam Verma and his family has been living in the house on Bolton Street of Blockhouse Bay for the last eight years but has never feared for his family’s safety there until last night.

“It was around 1:30 a.m. (on Friday, August 23)- we were almost asleep in our house when my wife heard knocks on our door. As we weren’t expecting any visitors at that hour of the night, she immediately became suspicious and called 111 and asked for police,” Shivam Verma told The Indian Weekender.

Shivam added that the person at the door kept knocking, ringing the doorbell and asked to open the door and spoke in a different language when asked ‘who is he and what does he want’.

“We had knives and kitchen utensils in our hands for our safety just-in-case if the person broke in.

“We kept asking what do you want, who are you and why are you knocking at this hour of the night but the person on the other side just shouted open the door and spoke in a language we did not understand,” Shivam added.

Busy Bolton Street (opposite to victim Shivam Verma's house) in Blockhouse Bay (Picture Supplied)

Shivam said the children in the house were asleep, but the adult members had woken up by this bizarre incident.

The offenders also covered their face with a newspaper and put his finger on the doorbell camera, blocking the view for the residents on their device.

“The person put his finger on the doorbell camera so we couldn’t see his face on our device that shows who is ringing the doorbell,” Shivam added.

Shivam also said that since the doorbell camera device does not record anything but he was able to see the shadow of the person through the opaque glass door.

“In the last one week, we have read and heard in the news of early morning or late night knocks at doors of people in different parts of the country but never thought we would be victimized with these incidents ourselves,” Shivam added.

The police had arrived soon, in fact when Shivam’s wife was on call describing the situation on 111, but the offenders had escaped the scene by then.

The driveway of Shivam Verma's house (Picture Supplied)

The police sniffer dog team too arrived soon after the first team responded who investigate the whole area looking for the offender/s and clues.

“Police told us that the offenders had jumped over the fence and escaped as shown by their sniffer dogs,” Shivam added.

The house is located on a busy street with enough lighting both on the street and in the driveway of the house.

“We have a café, retail stores and a relatively busy vehicle presence in front of the house and it’s a relatively populated area with a number of residents living in the area,” Shivam said.

The police was present in the area for a good amount of time investigating the incident and asked him and his family to be vigilant.

Victim Shivam Verma outside at his house door on Bolton Street, Blockhouse Bay (Picture Supplied) 

“Evidently, we calmed down, but it was a tough night for us, and we barely slept through until the morning. 

“In the morning we checked with our neighbours and alerted them of the incident we went through and asked them to look out for suspicious behaviour in the area,” Shivam added.

Shivam plans to install a camera at the door now and said he is still terrified and concerned about the well being of his family after the ordeal he went through.

“I really request and urge my fellow community members to lock the doors and windows properly, be alert and vigilant of any suspicious activities in your area,” Shivam added.