There is no doubt that nowadays a lot of people craze for the badminton game, which is mounting higher than cricket. This game is authoritatively the quickest of all racket sports.

On June 30 the Telegu Badminton Club of Canterbury organized a Telegu Community Badminton Tournament in honour of former Indian Prime Minister Shri P.V. Narasimha Rao.

The tournament was conducted with the Swiss system format as a doubles event with 32 players. A Swiss-system tournament is a non-eliminating tournament format that features a set number of rounds of competition, but considerably fewer than that of a round-robin tournament. The Swiss system is used for competitions in which the number of entrants is considered too large for a full round-robin to be feasible, and eliminating any competitors before the end of the tournament is undesirable

A total of 92 matches were played and soon after the first round, based on their performances, the teams were divided into groups A and B.

Players Pavan Krithini and Anil Kesuboyine were declared winners in Group A, followed by Preetham Pagadala and Harish Bhardwaj as winners.

Group B winners were Rejeswar Peddisetti Pagadala, and Sidharth Daggubati and runners are Saibabu Inampudi and Sai Chaitanya.

Rajesh Thakur and Preetham Pagadala at Badminton Canterbury

Managing Director of Designer Home Rajesh Thakur, who are the supporters and principal guest for the tournament congratulated the winners and participants and presented the awards. He also lauded the efforts of the participants who practised rigorously for the tournament and gave fierce competition to their opponents.

Along with this, he also valued the organizers ' efforts to run the event smoothly and effectively.

The organizer of the tournament, Mr Rajeswar Peddistri, said at the event that "this tournament was a great success and looks forward to organizing more of these kinds in the future."

Overall, now one can say that Badminton game rocks like cricket. And, this event came to an end with some refreshments and snacks for all its participants.