Shanti Niwas with the help of NZ police had last week organised a workshop for seniors on safety at home in case of burglary or any other uneventful happening.

The key focus of the workshop was to educate the seniors - most of which have lived in India for most of their adult life and hence more familiar with Indian police and legal environment – with the legal framework in NZ.

The workshop was delivered by NZ Police Ethnic Liaison Officer, Constable Neil Pimenta, who also brought-in other police officers, including, Sergeant Scott Svendson from the forensic department.

Shanti Nivas is a charitable organisation that works with senior citizens of Indian and South Asian origin living in the Auckland region – about the do’s and don’ts in the face of experiencing a burglary at home.

Speaking  to the Indian Weekender Nilima Venkat, General Manager Shanti Nivas said, “A big thank you to constable Neil Pimenta, Ethnic Liaison Officer who came in and educated our seniors on how to be safe at home and deal with situations if the need arises.”

“The talk highlighted the issue on the burglary at home on both the situations, when you are home and while you are away.

Self-preservation is of utmost importance

NZ Police staff repeatedly emphasised the importance of self-preservation and advised everyone present in the workshop to desist from any temptation of engaging with the perpetrators.

Constable Pimenta elaborately laid out many possible scenarios when caught up in the unfortunate event of a face-off with burglars at home and painstakingly discussed ways and means of how to stay away from any confrontation with them.

“As most of our seniors have lived most of their lives in India, therefore are versed with Indian laws and way of things in such events. Mr Pimenta highlighted the cultural differences and the laws to the seniors very subtly, yet in an explicit manner that it left an impact and understanding of the NZ police procedures and their need in this country,” Mrs Venkat said.

Importance of fingerprints discussed

The workshop also emphasised on the importance of fingerprints, often ignored in popular perceptions as an act of lesser-significance in resolving or deterring burglaries.

Sergeant Scott Svendson from the forensic department explained the role of fingerprint analysis and the dos and don’ts after the event.

“He gave them a detailed explanation on how important the forensic team’s role is to solve the crime,” Mrs Venkat said.

Towards the end of the workshop, Shanti Nivas staff expressed gratitude to the NZ Police officers, particularly Constable Pimenta, Sergeant Svendson and emphasised on the importance of NZ Police and communities working together in solving and reducing crime.

Jyoti Parashar, Senior Program Coordinator Shanti Nivas said, “We would like to thank Jessica Phuang, Ethnic Responsiveness Manager for organising the workshop and taking time out to come and meet our seniors.”