Masjid at-Taqwa based in Manukau, South Auckland is organising a four-day summer camp for the youth of the community in February. The youth camp has been organised by the Islamic organisation for the last 12 years and has been immensely successful in its initiative.

This year, the organisers are expecting around 150 participants for the summer- a significantly higher number from last year. The male-only camp will be divided into three age categories- 8-12 years old, 13 to 17 years, and above 18.

The students in first category will be accompanied by a guardian.

The summer camp for the female youth was held on Saturday, January 5 where a number of activities such as sports, quiz face painting henna, other team building activities were held.

The summer camp will consist of educational programmes, talks by learned scholars, team building exercises, kayak, swimming, water slide and some more sports activities. During this summer camp period, plenty of food and snacks will be provided to the participants.

“The summer camp is a time to be in an Islamic environment, bonding with other brothers and interacting with scholars, time to relax and lots of activities and fun together,” Tanzeel Hussain, the camp organiser from Masjid at-Taqwa told The Indian Weekender.

Last year the camp had over 40 students enrolled in the 8-12 years old category and this year too, many new young faces are expected to join the camp.

“Our programmes are designed for different age groups with lots of activities and learning,” Mr Tanzeel added.

The programmes will be jointly hosted by different organising team, divided into administration, sports & kitchen and overall headed by Youth Leader brother Fauzan.

The Masjid conducts many events and activities on a daily and weekly basis, not just inside the masjid premises with learning classes but also organises sports events to keep the children and the youth engaged and in-touch with the masjid.

“We have soccer every Sunday from 4:30 p.m., play cricket almost daily and volleyball on Friday after Maghrib prayers,” Mr Tanzeel said.

The camp also invites non-muslim youths of the community to join the summer camp.

“The summer camp will provide a learning environment, many father and son moments, whereby inculcating in them how to be an abiding citizen and with Islamic values.

The camp has run for the last 12 years under the leadership and vision of Professor Shaykh Anwar Shaib, and the registrations for this are open for $90 per person.