National has a comprehensive five point plan to deal with the economic and jobs crisis: 

  • Responsible economic management
  • Delivering infrastructure
  • Reskilling and retraining our workforce
  • A greener, smarter future
  • Building stronger communities.  

Our plan is fully costed and comprehensive. That has been independently verified by the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER)

Only a party vote for National will change our future and get New Zealand back on track. Voting National is a positive choice for New Zealand, for your future and your economy. 

National has a comprehensive set of policies to take New Zealand forward. 

Judith Collins and National have a strong economic plan that will grow the economy and create jobs, and put more money into Kiwis’ back pockets.

National will give our businesses the confidence to invest and grow to create more jobs. 

Judith Collins and the strong National team will bring the leadership, experience and vision needed to deal with the economic and jobs crisis. 

Our Economic and Fiscal Plan will put more money into Kiwis’ back pockets, while encouraging businesses to invest and create jobs.

We will provide a 16 month temporary cut to income tax that will put money in millions of New Zealanders’ pockets – stimulating our economy and getting people back to work. 

Our plan will carefully balance investment in infrastructure and core public services with reducing tax pressure on Kiwi families and businesses.   

We will deliver a stronger economy, world-class infrastructure and less government debt.

We will back our businesses to create new jobs with policies like JobStart and BusinessStart. We won’t load cost onto them as Labour proposes to do.

National’s plan will build a strong economy for all New Zealanders and create opportunities for future generations.  

So if you haven’t already, please vote two ticks blue.