Few days back, I was at a shopping centre at Sylvia Park. While I was enjoying my coffee, I noticed one group of youngsters making fun of one tall and slender adolescent boy standing in the group. The boy wasn’t looking comfortable, but I was quite sad to see that he was not able to stand up against the bullies. I am still wondering whether that boy even knew that he was getting psychologically bullied or has he accepted people making fun of him?

How to identify a bully

There are some people who purposely act mean to others, try to put them down, even when there is no specific reason. The bullies either try to become popular, gain control or show off. Such people typically are those who are facing difficulties in their own life, have behaviour issues, and may be having pent-up anger which they try to bring out on the softest target. If you go deep within them you will find that they have low-self-esteem, which they will never admit. Such people can make you feel sad, depressed, angry, vengeful, scared, confused, worried, or embarrassed. Everyone has their own way of dealing with bullying but It is easier to bounce back in a better way when we have practical tips to deal in such situationsif you can.

Practical Tips to deal with Bullies

  • Act brave: sometimes just acting brave is enough to stop a bully. A bully may be less likely to give you trouble if you walk by as though you're not afraid and hold your head high. Having a defiant attitude may not work in your favour all the time. Reach out for help and maintain calm.
  • Ignore a bully: simply ignoring a bully's threats and walking away robs the bully of his fun. Bullies want big reaction to their teasing and meanness. Acting as if you don't notice and don't care is like giving no reaction at all, and this just might stop a bully's behaviour. Even if you are scared inside, don't show it, just move on or continue what you are doing.
  • Stand up for yourself: be assertive and confront him if bullying is mental and tell him to stop. You can look the bully in the eye (without showing anger or fear) and tell him to stop it, and just walk away.
  • Don't bullyback: don't hit, kick or push back to deal with someone bullying you or your friends. Fighting back just satisfies a bully and it is dangerous too because someone could get hurt. Its best to stay with others and stay safe.
  • Make groups: If you are a school goer than it is better to be in groups, don't walk alone. Be involved in group activities. Believe in buddy system.
  • Here is something interesting: See if you can reach out to the bully when he is not bullying, just be nice and normal with him, smile, and show that you are not bothered or scared.

Just remember one thing: Bullies are basically cowards, and if you overcome your fear, you will learn to deal with them.