Bollywood parties in Auckland are bookmarked by most Indians—and Kiwis—in the city. A recent rise has been seen over the past few years and DJs spinning crowd-favourite dance tunes in popular clubs have now become a common sight on most weekends.

Joining this night scene is Page 3—an entertainment company that is gearing up to bring some of the best of Bollywood music but with a twist. And the man behind the decks this time is DJ Robin.

While back home, club parties have seen a revolution with EDM fused with desi music, it is something that the Indian crowd has yet to experience in New Zealand. And that is what is on offer with Page 3’s first event.

DJ Robin moved to New Zealand from India more than seven years ago and quickly became a part of the Auckland night scene. In his home country, he worked as a full-time DJ and was seen at a number of Bollywood celebrity events.

Today, he is often seen playing in clubs such as Lenin, Underpass, and Hangar in Auckland. He has more than 14 years of experience under his belt, specialising in House, Hip-hop, and Electronic music, and has a good ear for urban Bollywood music.

Talking about the music he likes to play, DJ Robin said, “Every party has a vibe of its own. Music is a universal language, and I make sure that the crowd and I share the same vibe. The crowd guides me to the selection of the tracks and the genre I play.”

Apart from his full-time job, DJ Robin runs a successful film and photo company called Pause Films and Photo and is working on an international Tech House and Psychedelic music festival, which is still under wraps.

But before he hits the international stage, catch DJ Robin spinning the latest hits at La Zeppa in Auckland on Saturday, September 9 (10 p.m. onwards).

Tickets are priced at $25 (general), $45 (couple), and $50 (VIP) and can be purchased by texting/calling Sanchit at +64 21 0677283. For more details, check out Page3’s Facebook page.