Bollywood was brought to life on stage at the ASB Theatre in Auckland on Saturday, July 22.

Indiance, New Zealand’s original Bollywood dance school, put on another breathtaking performance. Finding Aaliyah was a spectacular show that brought all the elements of a Bollywood movie alive and within touching distance. The sets, the lighting, the song selection was all complemented perfectly by the unbelievable choreography and acting put on display.

The story was filled with songs and dances from all over India. The tour guide character was exceptional and had many chuckling with every punchline perfectly delivered. He was the soothsayer and sometimes the counsellor for the other actors.

The two main male actors took the audience on a journey through their view of India. Their friendship was one many people could relate to. It started tentatively as many new relationships but grew in depth as the story went on. The whole first half was a blur of colour, lights and laughs.

The opening of the second half had the audience knowing who Aaliyah was in the first two scenes and then the roller coaster was at its peak with twists and turns to come. A very clever story play intertwined the two boys and their relationship with Aaliyah, which became an issue and this is where your curiosity was aroused.

When would they find out who they are? Who would tell them? And how would they react? As one of the boys was Aaliyah’s brother he was protective over his sister, the other being her boyfriend made things complicated. With a bit of fumbling around and understanding, the boys finally resolved their differences and a happy ending was a nice conclusion to the show.

The reactions of the audience after the show mirrored what the cast and crew felt. It was a huge success.


“Had a date night with my youngest son on Saturday night at the Indiance NZ Finding Aaliyah show…fabulous songs, dancing, costumes, scenes – a true Bollywood experience!”

—Impressions Event Design NZ

“Congratulations Indiance for delivering the show Finding Aaliyah at international standards. Your creativity and art is a gift. The team worked hard to make sure the show captured the audience. Indiance, keep up the great work.”

– Ella Kumar

“Another beautiful production by Indiance. Every show gets better and better. This is the goal. Keep learning, keep growing and dream big.”

– An audience member (unnamed)