Gujarat’s RJ Kshitij who is in Auckland for his second concert has promised his Gujarati audience an evening of fun and music at the Vatt Thi Gujarati show on Saturday, August 31.

CFI Events’ first show in Hamilton earlier last weekend was a massive success with a full house attendance despite heavy rains in the city.

Speaking to The Indian Weekender, RJ Kshitij said that he was overwhelmed with the response at Hamilton show that he had not anticipated.

“Despite the rain, we had a full house, and the enthusiasm of the audience in Hamilton was amazing,” RJ Kshitij said.

“The success of our show in Hamilton showed that even in a small city like Hamilton, the demand for a Gujarati show is huge,” he added.

‘Vatt Thi Gujarati’, the second concert for New Zealand will be held at Dorothy Winston Centre on Saturday, August 31, of which the organizers are expecting an even bigger footfall than Hamilton.

The concert is essentially a live music show- a campaign to keep the rich Gujarati language alive amongst the Gujaratis living outside India.

“Vatt Thi Gujarati’ loosely translates to ‘swag of Gujarati’, and the concept of the show is to empower the language amongst the Gujarati speaking community living abroad and make it use the language more vigorously.

RJ Kshitij has been performing since the age of four and has been on airs for the last 12 years.

I am doing music shows and theatre, one thing I have learned in this journey is that in your audience if there is just one person or thousand persons or the public of one lack what I know is I have to perform the best I have to give my 100 percent,” he said.

“I realize everyone at somewhere in their heart is very connected to their mother tongue and their culture their music, and this is the same thing we will be presenting in the show through music,” RJ Kshitij added.