I find that photo critique is a great way of learning photography. It can help you see photos in a different way that you are used to. This is because every photographer has their unique way of photographing or looking at the subjects. By expanding your view, you learn to see your subject from different angles, lighting, composition, etc.

Photo Review 1

I took this photo (Photo review 1-before) below in Sydney just like most of us would take.

Then I noticed some interesting shape on the footpath where I was standing and thought I could use this. Taking my camera down to the ground, I managed to get the photo below. Using the curvy lines on the footpath, it draws the viewer’s eyes into the middle of the image. It would have been great if there was a street performer or something of interest at the end of the lines. Instead, all you see is a man walking (Photo review 1-after). I could have waited to see if anything of interest comes by, but I didn’t.

Photo Review 2

We have a few photos sent in from Prateek but due to space, I can only review one. The original photo is already a good image. I enjoy the colour of the setting sun and that sets the mood of the scene. Again in this photo, the leading lines are drawing my attention to the man squatting on the left. Also partly because of the strong silhouette.

(Photo review 2- before)

In my opinion, there are three things that are a distraction in this photo:

1. The metal cage on the left

2.  The bright shiny section at the bottom

To make this image stronger, I would crop out the shiny section below, thus giving us the image below. I would like to crop out the metal cage as well but that will leave the subject too close to the edge of the photo. Another option is to photoshop the person and move him to the right but that’s manipulating the image too much. (Photo review 2- After)

Photo Review 3

Our reader Ravi has submitted this image taken in Bali. I like the composition and the amount of details in the image from the sea, temple, foliage and the sky. Also, there are details in the shadow area on the left where it looks like caves. (Photo review 3- before)

To make this image stronger, I would suggest the following:

1. Crop to straighten the horizontal line

2. Increase some contrast

3. Darken the sky

4. Lighten the bright area.

A point to consider for future is to reduce the shutter speed to create a silky looking water effect. (Photo review 3- after)