Sandringham Village also known as “Little India” is a popular place known for Indian Cuisine. Food Inn Restaurant and Takeaway a relatively new entrant in Sandringham, has defied all odds by becoming the most talked about place amongst the foodies.

The spicy dishes from the North of India, the fusion of Indo Chinese dishes, and the friendly staff are the hallmark of Food Inn which has helped establish itself and modelled a name for itself in this food hub.

The restaurant is redefining the Indian cuisines to the food lovers with their lip-smacking new experimental recipes that are slowly penetrating into the dynamic menu of the restaurant. Some signature dishes are unique to this restaurant and not seen elsewhere.

With vast experience in the field of IT, and owning franchise restaurants in the past, owner of the restaurant, Shoeb, brings his passion and experience to Food Inn. Being different, offering a cuisine, which is unique and exceptional, and the zeal to foster a new experience to food lovers is his business statement.

His love for food persuaded him to venture into the cafe and restaurant business, alongside his successful career in the IT industry. Shoeb started with a café in Ellerslie, which quickly went in to become a popular hotspot for coffee lovers and snack munchers in the suburb. This further motivated him to start a restaurant that offers the delicacies that no other place provides.

So why are people choosing Food Inn?

The restaurant over the last few months is creating waves, exclusively known for serving unique and exotic dishes and exhibiting a very dynamic menu, in both takeaway and dine-in sections. The entrance to the takeaway is lined with starters namely Dragon Chicken, Bombay Chowpatty, Mutton Kundan Kalia, which is hard to forget.

"Food Inn redefining the Indian cuisines to the food lovers with their lip-smacking new experimental recipes that are slowly penetrating into the dynamic menu of the restaurant" 

Dishes such as these are not merely same old food with twisted names, instead, are new dishes not tried anywhere else in the market. The restaurant promises the food, the essence of which will give a food lover a nostalgic roller coaster ride to places where such foods originated in India.

Each of the items on the menu is a work of a carefully crafted artist, ‘the chef’, using the most authentic spices imported from the local markets of Indian cities. The vegetables are sourced fresh, and only the best quality items get to the chef's table. Owner of the restaurant Shoeb himself handpicks the freshest vegetables from the farms of Auckland region. The meat too is bought fresh directly from a local supplier exclusive to Food Inn.

Another unique thing that the restaurant offers its customers is the opportunity to taste the food before one makes up his or her mind to buy the meal at the takeaway.

The chefs at Food Inn are extremely multitasked and talented to situations that may arise where a diner chooses to request customization to their dish on the table and/or ask for a surprise for their taste buds.

Food Inn in order to engage more with its customers and as a way to say thank you to the community is giving the opportunity to people to share some of their recipes with the restaurant. Once selected by a panel of chefs, the restaurant will feature the recipe in its menu for one month and serve that dish to the public, from the restaurant.

This rare golden opportunity will offer the people to share their hidden Master Chef genius and serve their dish to the world.

What to do?
Send your recipes to The Indian Weekender Facebook with pictures and once selected, the person will be notified and the recipe will be featured on the menu for one month.