Changes envisaged on the home front are likely to be initiated now. You may fail to deliver something that is expected of you on the professional front and fall from a superior’s grace. Your efforts on the social front are likely to come in for praise. Making your romantic life lively and happening is on the cards and promises lots of fun. A group travel is foreseen and will make the journey interesting. Money earned by you may disappear due to irresponsible spending. 

Lucky no.: 9

Lucky colour: Golden brown


Romantic front may find you and lover pulling in opposite directions. A ticket for a journey may remain unconfirmed and give you a rough time. You can get into a legal hassle regarding a piece of ancestral property. Some of you can make efforts to rub shoulders with celebrities and who’s who on the social circuit. Ill health threatens to keep you moody and irritable. Work piles up on the professional front and may undermine your enthusiasm. A bad financial move is possible and can result in losses.

Lucky no.: 5

Lucky colour: Light green


An invitation may take you out of town for a marriage or a function. You may have to be a bit more assertive and aware of what is happening around you at work. Although you are monetarily comfortable, you will still choose to conserve money. A prime property may come into your name. Socially, this seems to be an excellent week, when whatever you do is likely to be followed by others. There seems to be a strong possibility of finding a suitable mate on the romantic front.

Lucky no.: 6

Lucky colour: Peach


Financial prosperity is likely to follow closely at your heels and keep you in a comfortable situation. Your enthusiasm and gusto will be much in evidence on the social front and may prove infectious. Possibility of an office romance cannot be ruled out. Good company is likely to make a journey pleasurable. Don’t disclose your cards to anyone. Things which seemed going the wrong way at work will suddenly come out right. Your mental prowess will help you take on the best on the professional front. 

Lucky no.: 18

Lucky colour: Yellow


Money is likely to come in dollops and add to your wealth. Ailments are likely to disappear as you enter a healthy phase of life. Understanding and love will make you feel closer to the one you love. Avoid getting at loggerheads with someone over a trivial issue. You are likely to have a time of your life on the social front. Much fun is in store for those on a vacation. Success on the professional front is a foregone conclusion and will improve your career graph.

Lucky no.: 6

Lucky colour: Crimson


Spending time in seclusion and murmuring sweet nothings is likely to be the highlight on the romantic front. Enhancing fitness level may become the sole aim of those in the sports arena. Avoid delay in a journey by setting out early. Pend decision regarding property for some more time. A productive time is foreseen at work, which will enable you to clear the backlog. Previous investments may start giving handsome returns now. Attending a wedding or a function is indicated and will help in expanding your social base.

Lucky no.: 2

Lucky colour: Red


You will need to be more thorough in whatever you are handling to avoid errors from creeping in. Those out shopping need to look for bargains or they may end up spending more than required. An ailment may need care. A blame game ensuing at home may leave a bad taste in mouth.  Your romantic aspirations are likely to be fulfilled in full measure! A leisure trip can unexpectedly materialise and delight you. Setting up a new house or buying something new for the house is indicated.

Lucky no.: 17

Lucky colour: Dark grey


Chances of availing a break by undertaking a fun trip cannot be ruled out for some. A property issue is certain to be decided in your favour. You will need to be better than rivals to come into the eyes of superiors on the professional front. Financially, you will need to come into the saving mode at the earliest. You are likely to keep yourself entertained by remaining socially active. Tensions cropping up on the romantic front will subside, as you grow more tolerant towards lover. 

Lucky no.: 1

Lucky colour: Light red


You can be at your ingenious best at making excuses for refusing money to someone. Something said in jest on the romantic front may offend lover. Don’t be in any sort of haste while driving. You will be able to garner support and resources for something you have undertaken on the professional front. A changed mindset is likely to make you more acceptable to others on the social front. Avoiding excesses and focussing on health may become the key factors in attaining total fitness.

Lucky no.: 3

Lucky colour: Purple


A deal that showed all signs of coming to you threatens to peter out. Living beyond your means may get you in the red on the financial front. An ailment not attended to in time can cause problems. Dilly-dallying may let a property deal slip out of your hands. Remain available for those in need.  You may feel used on the social front by those whom you hold dear and feel quite upset about it. Some problem or the other may continue to bug you at work.

Lucky no.: 7

Lucky colour: Rosy brown


Betting or speculation may bring some into big money. You will get the support you need on the social front. A wedding in the family is likely to be arranged. Romantic front may turn into a mutual appreciation club between lover and you. Don’t take health for granted. Your luck begins to turn for the better. An unexpected career move is possible that may bring you greater prosperity and mental satisfaction. Growing prospects in a venture can turn your focus totally towards it.

Lucky no.: 18

Lucky colour: Purple


Efforts will be needed by those trying to come back in shape. An unsuitable mode of conveyance may make the journey uncomfortable, but you will be able to reach the destination anyhow. Someone’s support will help in keeping your confidence high. Luck favours those buying or selling property. You may need to weigh the pros and cons of an action that you contemplate at work. It will be in your interest to keep a portion of your wealth for the rainy day.

Lucky no.: 3

Lucky colour: Rose