Awaara hoon, Mera joota hai Japaani, Tumko na bhool paayenge, and Par hum tumhaare rahenge sadaaa are all haunting retro-song refrains from the treasure-repertoire of the legendary R.K.films banner -- initiated by ‘showman’ actor-film-maker, Raj Kapoor. 

The legion of ardent global loyal fans of the music-savvy patriarch Kapoor (known for his tragicomic Chaplinesque acts) must have been so crestfallen to hear the official news that finally, the iconic R K Studios premises at Chembur has now been ‘acquired’ by the Godrej realty company reportedly for an astronomical sum that the hallowed cinematic complex would soon be converted into “mixed-use-property.

Main entrance R K Studios

However, this disheartening news was not unexpected. Even during the R.K. Ganeshotsav festivities (mid-September 2018), it was revealed that the hallowed premises of the heritage-sentiment studios (precious stored-memorabilia was also gutted along with one of the studio-hangars in an accidental blazing-fire in September 2017), “were up for sale”.

In fact, Randhir Kapoor (the eldest actor-director son of Raj Kapoor)  had shared with me that, ‘the show must go on--and the Ganeshotsav religious ceremony will go on when we shift to our new premises.

Journo Chaitanya--inside R K Studios--Raj Kapoor's sitting bronze icon as the 'Tramp'

Incidentally, the ‘R K Films’ office has just been re-located on an entire floor in new spacious commercial premises in Chembur area itself. The ‘R.K.’ studios have witnessed glorious cinematic history in terms of the shooting of iconic scenes and songs and even the famous ‘R.K.’ Holi celebration, where every celeb-star would let their hair down and indulge in crazy, colourful bonhomie.

“All of us from the Kapoors are an emotional lot, but this heart-breaking yet pragmatic decision to sell the studios had to be taken, because of economic non-viability,” star-actor Rishi Kapoor had justified.

Randhir Kapoor in his Cabin within R K Studios, Chembur (Mumbai)

For those wishing to know what the interiors of the famous studios looked like, this senior film-correspondent (Chaitanya) has sent a few pictures-images of his recent visit to R K Studios to meet with Randhir Kapoor in his office cabin within the studio premises.