The Fiji Immigration Department will announce major changes next week.

This follows the passing of amendments to the Immigration, Citizenship, and Passports Bills in parliament last week.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs permanent secretary Yogesh Karan says these changes are necessary.

He says with the modern times, borders need to be made secure and more efficient.

Karan says changes will also be made to the work permits and other permits offered by Fiji.

“Processing time is all time-bound. Anything that you pay for at immigration for any service that you want, there is a different fee, there is a different fee for the same service if you want it to be done very quickly, for example, the passports, now you pay a normal fee but if want it in a day you pay a different fee. Also if you want it in the weekend you pay a different fee so if somebody is required to be airlifted urgently because the person is sick or so we are able to do their passport in the weekend at any time.”

He adds they are now changing the forms and detailed information will be provided next week.

Parliament this week unanimously passed amendments to the Immigration Bill to clarify ambiguities and correct redundancies in the Act.