Labour Party will be scrapping the current 48,000 income threshold for permanent immigration in New Zealand after September 24, if it forms the government at all.

However, there will not be any significant departure from the earlier Labour policy of chopping off numbers of immigrants by 25-30,000, even when there seems to be a willingness to go soft on those numbers.

Speaking to The Indian Weekender exclusively, Labour Party Leader Jacinda Ardern said,” We do not support that.

“Our view is that using salaries is a blunt instrument of demonstrating skills that someone might have. So that’s not a policy that we support.

On being asked further if a Labour government would be rolling back this policy on September 24, Ms Ardern confirmed that this would be one of the things that the labour government would be rolling back.

“There are few things we have to roll back, and that will be one of them,” Ms Ardern confirmed.


Indian Weekender

Labour Party will scrap 48K income threshold for immigration: Jacinda Ardern New Zealand Labour Party #IWK

 “Overall I am not wedded to numbers. I have not set a target for reduction. Our concern is in getting overall settings right. Right now overall settings just not seem to be right.

“My message out there to the members of Kiwi-Indian community is that I never want to see someone who has a job vacancy that they can’t fill from being stopped to able to find the help that they need to make sure their business keeps running.

“So if there is a genuine skill shortage they would still be able to find support,” Ms Ardern said to The Indian Weekender.