You will have too many things on your mind all at the same time, but you will manage them well. Your focus on the social front will remain unwavering. Planning an evening out with lover is on the cards on the romantic front. In your heart of hearts, you are certain that you will be able to set yourself free form the shackles that have bound you till now. Taking steps for improving your health is indicated. A chatterbox threatens to eat up your time, so avoid him or her like a plague!  

Lucky Number- 2

Lucky Colour- Pink


Time is at a premium for carrying something out on the professional front, but you will manage it somehow. Your disinterest is likely to reflect on your professional or academic performance. Mistakes and glitches at work threaten to make you a butt of ridicule. Spending money just to keep up with the Joneses is likely to dent your savings. Family will be supportive. Someone is waiting in the wings for a chance to express love for you.

Lucky Number- 3

Lucky Colour- Brown


You may derive immense pleasure from what you are currently involved in. Getting romantically linked to someone you have a soft corner for is indicated. Much travelling is in store and promises to be enjoyable. You will get the time to put things on the home front in order. Professional commitments will be discharged efficiently this week. Some of you can come across some good financial options for investments. Perfect health is assured, as you remain regular in your workouts.

Lucky Number- 17

Lucky Colour- Red


Getting close to someone important may be on your mind. You will have to get more serious on the professional front if you want to make your mark. Waning interest on the academic front will have to be checked before studies get affected. You may go out of your way to help someone on the social front, but reciprocation may be late in coming. Romance may distract, but you will not allow it to become all-consuming. Take up some form of physical activity to remain in shape.

Lucky Number- 2

Lucky Colour- Light Grey


You may feel frustrated by not being able to set things right on the family front. Some of you stand to lose on the financial front. Wavering self-discipline may lead to excesses and, consequently, to health problems. Not remaining focused on the academic or professional front may reflect badly on your competence. A tiff with spouse cannot be ruled out and anything you do will only escalate it! Lover may stand you up and make you see red. 

Lucky Number- 3

Lucky Colour- Yellow


You will not derive much from maligning someone. In fact, your own reputation may come into question as Businesspersons are likely to earn well this week. A salary boost can be expected by some. Exercising self-control promises to keep you in excellent health. Distractions and disinterest may become the bane of your professional or academic performance. Your romantic interest in someone may not elicit the same response from him or her. Those staying on rent can face problems. 

Lucky Number- 5

Lucky Colour- Bottle Green


You may not be up to the standards required in the field that you are pursuing on the academic front. Some of you may have to struggle to cope up on the professional front. There is a chance of getting ticked off by a senior. You may wish for a stable income through freelancing, but things may not be as simple. Don’t take too many risks while playing the stocks. Fatigue may trouble those driving long distance at night. Simmering differences threaten a showdown with spouse.

Lucky Number- 18

Lucky Colour- Sandy Brown


Someone may motivate you to take up spirituality in a big way. You may find the going tough on the professional front. Not keeping up with the job at hand may compel you to devote extra hours to work. To avoid any discrepancy in the assigned project, cross-check all the details once again with the seniors. It will be useless to bank upon someone for financial help, as he or she can very well send you on a wild goose chase. Remaining in close vicinity of those ailing will be a great help to them.

Lucky Number- 15

Lucky Colour- White


You may have to take the initiative in a social situation to set things in order. Things turn positive on the professional front. You will be able to regain lost ground on the academic front to come at par with the rest. Setting priorities for buying household items will keep you busy. Excellent showing at work will get you hand-picked for an important assignment. Dry spell on the financial front ends as wealth trickles in. Liking for someone is likely to draw you closer to him or her.

Lucky Number- 22

Lucky Colour- Dark Turquoise


Your clout is likely to increase on the social front, as you make attempts to expand your friends’ circle. You may not get the hang of something on the academic front and suffer the consequences. The workload is likely to increase on the professional front. Those carrying cash will need to be extra cautious as stars don’t appear too favourable. Your devil-may-care in this changing season can get you unwell. Lover may be in the mood to play pranks!

Lucky Number- 4

Lucky Colour- Electric Blue


This is a fine week on the financial front, as you manage to earn a lot. You may be in the mood for some fun this week. Your candid suggestions will be welcomed at workplace. Financial issues will be sort without much effort. Going on an exciting outing with friends or cousins is likely for some youngsters. The one you love will make his or her presence felt by going out of the way to do catch your eye. You are likely to remain firmly in control on the professional or academic front.

Lucky Number- 11

Lucky Colour- Deep Sky Blue


Someone is likely to cater to your wishes and provide immense happiness this week. Your hopes and aspirations will be met in full measure on the academic front. Problems at work will be overcome, as you give your best. Togetherness with lover will prove immensely fulfilling and will brighten the romantic front. Working women will be able to balance housework and job admirably. Don't let anyone not in the right state take the wheel. Don’t neglect health under any pretext.

Lucky Number- 5

Lucky Colour- Light Pink

Manisha Koushik is a renowned astrologer, tarot card reader, numerologist, vastu and fengshui consultant from India.