This is a good time for brainstorming, sharing ideas, and reaching a group consensus. Be more flexible in listening to what others have to say as it can help improving your intellect and thought the process in the long run. Delegating work among the colleagues will prove beneficial in delivering results at the desired deadlines. Do not let unimportant issues distract you and prevent you from achieving your goals. Spending time with loved ones will help you stay calm.

Lucky number: 8

Lucky colour: Lavender


Think twice before you speak this week as the bond with your professional associates depends entirely on your communication with them. Your ability to correctly read the subtle details will make you popular among your colleagues. Be patient and hear everyone out even if you disagree with their objectives and opinions. Romance is good and can get better if you are willing to play a supportive role. Financially, not a very favourable time; so stay away from speculation.

Lucky number: 9

Lucky colour: Purple


Your creative and enterprising spirit allows you to focus on your goals with more determination and strength now. Distractions and interruptions will not prevent you from accomplishing what you have planned for yourself.  Love life can be little tense if you are unable to give time to your partner. You may feel the need for some space and time for yourself to relax and unwind. Gains from investments or other sources are likely.

Lucky number: 15

Lucky colour: Violet


You may feel a bit off key this week, so don’t waste your time on activities that require deliberation. Don’t be impulsive in giving up if you hit unexpected challenges; rather focus on the long term benefits and be determined to find solutions. Appreciating your life partner or planning a special evening with them will improve your love life. Advice regarding financial matters will prove to be fruitful. Minor differences with close friends are possible.

Lucky number: 3

Lucky colour: Maroon


New business ideas will be welcomed but you need to check if you have appropriate resources in place to implement them. Focus on the small but important details to avoid the last minute confusions or delays. Avoid carrying pending tasks at home, if the health doesn’t allow doing so. Romantic relationships will be good. The health of the spouse may need attention. Relatives seem to support your ideas for expansion. Huge financial gains are foreseen.

Lucky number: 11

Lucky colour: Beige


Stress would be easier to deal with as long as you stay physically fit. This period is a mixed bag. It may find you slogging to finish pending work on the professional front. Be extremely cautious before signing any important documents this week. Lover makes you feel happy by doing small things to spice up the love life. Those planning a vehicle need not worry about loans. Opt the colour silver if buying it this week. Some of you can begin with their driving lessons.

Lucky number: 15

Lucky colour: Light grey


It is the right time to reunite with friends you have lost contact with. Leave aside the differences you had in the past and try to sort things out amicably. Big projects are accomplished easily as your confidence lifts up. Someone may avoid you on the social front due to your overbearing nature. Your spendthrift nature may frustrate those around you. A lifestyle disease can play up if you are not regular in taking medication.

Lucky number: 18

Lucky colour: Chocolate


Work hard to find ways to keep yourself updated with the latest developments in your area of interest as this will enhance your career prospects. Set your pace, if you want to expand your business horizons. Your hopes and aspirations are likely to receive a boost as the much-awaited property deal materialises. Communication with the spouse will be more free and relaxed than before. Make use of number 7, if purchasing a vehicle.

Lucky number: 1

Lucky colour: Light red


Love life is set to improve through mutual efforts. An overseas journey will prove most enjoyable. There is a good chance of firming a property deal that you had been longing for. Superiors on the work front may commend you for the good work done. Romantic relationships could go through some tense moments. Discussing the issues with your partner seems productive; you may be able to benefit from their insights and advice.

Lucky number: 18

Lucky colour: Coffee


A silent conspiracy may rage behind your back at work. As a result, you may have to sit for long hours in the office to complete an urgent task. Those looking for a suitable job will find one. Financially, some good news will take you by surprise. Some of you may complain about a stomach ache. Romantic relationships will be stable overall though minor tensions cannot be ruled out. Business travel is indicated for bureaucrats; keep the important documents handy.

Lucky number: 2

Lucky colour: Light grey


You are likely to be full of energy and determination in this week, and this helps you sail through the challenges coming your way without much effort. If you have a liking for someone; express your feelings only if you are sure of the similar feelings at the other end. You will feel the difference in your fitness by adopting an exercise regimen. Cash inflow is seen to be obstructed somehow. Drive carefully and don’t take chances on the road.

Lucky number: 22

Lucky colour: Dark slate grey


Innovative ideas and out of box thinking will help you stay ahead of the crowd. Be assertive and diplomatic when dealing with domestic issues. Property related matters need to be sought with more concern and research. Singles need to be clear about their expectations and concerns from potential relationships in order to avoid disappointments later. New contacts act as a reservoir of more opportunities. Socialising with close friends will be on your list of priorities this weekend.

Lucky number: 15

Lucky colour: Dark red