Rutvik Oza, a 17-year-old student at the H. B. Kapadia New High School, from Ahmedabad, Gujarat has proposed a solution to an unsolved problem in mathematics known as Reve’s puzzle, also popularly known as the 4-peg Tower of Hanoi Problem.
“I really didn’t realize at first that the problem that I had solved was an open problem in mathematics. It was only later that I found after looking it up on the web, that it was an open problem. It’s all due to my father. He sowed the seeds of mathematics in me from my childhood,” he said dedicating his achievement to his father, Mahesh Oza.
It took the teenager a week to work out the formula, data analysis and pattern recognition. Oza comes from a family of mathematicians. His favorite mathematicians include Newton, Ramanujan, Gauss and a long list of others. He believes that he is standing on the shoulders of giants. The message he wants to give teenagers, “Do what you love! Follow your dreams. Expect for no support from anybody and overcome all obstacles that hinder you. No other mantra.”