Support your happiness with positive psychology

To achieve a well-balanced and a meaningful life one needs to have a positive psyche and do away with all the negativity within. It is a known fact that humans respond well to positive emotions and stay motivated under its influence.

Gadgets to de-clutter your kitchen

One of the many feats of the home becoming everyone's epicentre is that the kitchen has more people in it than usual. Ultimately, the onus is on you to become a Masterchef and whip out dishes, do the cleaning, etc.

A smart way to manage the kitchen

A smart kitchen assistant app helps users with planning, shopping, and cooking. Saakshi Jain, co-founder of Zelish, suggests a meal plan with recipes can be easily prepared from home.

Why Vitamin C is beauty's new buzzword

If you pick up any skincare products -- peel-off mask, day cream, face wash or serum -- which promises to brighten the skin and hydrate it as well, you will likely find Vitamin C or ascorbic acid in the ingredients list.

Your Home - Five bathroom space trends

Whether you are trying to wake up from your sleepy tendrils from the night before or relaxing after a long tiring day -- a soothing shower in your most private space, aka bathroom, can do it all.