Will I get the job?

Migrants coming to New Zealand on various visas that authorise them to conditionally or unconditionally work have just one question in their mind.

Can the weak win?

Let us assume and present two example countries in a mathematical equation: let’s say if country 1 = x then country 2 = 10x.

Going beyond religious conflict

The moment man became religious it should have been the end of all conflict, but unfortunately, everywhere in the world, religion has become the main source of conflict.

Take a break with these exciting getaway ideas

Planning to take a break from the mundane life? Here are some ideas for quick getaways for a weekend. Whether you are looking for something outdoor and adventurous/ family time or a romantic gateway, there is something for everyone.

Oh my neighbour!

I recently experienced some friction with my neighbour because while parking his car, he leaves a substantial gap between his car and the fence, giving us a hard time while reversing.

English Vinglish: linguistic politics

It is my first day at the call centre. My eyes gaze through the room with an intention to befriend someone. I feel comfortable approaching a middle-aged Indian gentleman and so I do. While conversing with him, I found out that he was from Mumbai, India.