A guide to personal finance management

Financial stability is an essential part of our hopes and dreams - it can be in the form of short or long-term savings, deposit for rent, buying a car or home or accessing credit and much more.

The downside of e-learning

Although online learning has gained momentum during the lockdown, the shift to the online medium has raised many concerns among the parents.

Zero + zero = zero!

On the other hand, research shows we are attracted to people who look like us, behave like us, who have a similar personality type and we even tend to gravitate toward those who share our level of education. It’s true.

Decoding the cover letter

When anyone enters the job market in search of his/her dream job, the first thing they do is to write a cover letter. It is often ignored in terms of structure and content.

So, you think you are the victim?

I met a job seeker who has been in New Zealand for the last few months, and in our meeting, he constantly complained about the employment market, recruiters, job boards, and his agent from his home country.

Tips to combat back-to-school jitters

While some parents find the end of holidays something to look forward to, kids can be a little stressed about going back to school, especially the younger ones. So here are a few tips on handling the pre-back-to-school jitters.