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Sustaining long distance relationships

Is he/she worth waiting for, does she/he feeling the same way I do? Am I kidding myself thinking long-distance can work? What if they find someone else? These questions and more are likely to haunt people in a long-distance relationship....


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Boost your Keto diet

The 'Ketogenic Diet', also known as the Keto diet is a popular weight loss routine followed across the world, and is currently in vogue....

Take your coffee from 'meh' to yeah!

Irrespective of what your mood is, nothing is as revitalising as a perfect cup of coffee. Although sometimes, we do manage to hit all the right notes, nonetheless a couple of tips can go a long way in adding to its taste....


A guide to personal finance management

Financial stability is an essential part of our hopes and dreams - it can be in the form of short or long-term savings, deposit for rent, buying a car or home or accessing credit and much more....


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