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  • Two new COVID19 cases reported today. Both are in managed isolation and quarantine facilities. Six old cases have been reported as recovered
  • Labour MP David Clark has stepped down as Minister of Health. Education Minister Chris Hipkins to take over
  • Simon Bridges back in National caucus as foreign affairs spokesperson after Todd Muller reshuffled shadow Cabinet

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The connection with nature

Now that the 'grand reset' is in place, the world which we always took for granted has started slipping away from our grasp. But don't just lose heart. Maybe it's the best thing to have happened to us in a long, long time....


A virtual backstage tour of Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House brings its popular backstage tour to homes around the world, releasing its first ever online guided version, to experience for free. It explores stories of the iconic building through history, architecture and anecdotes....

Face of the Week



What is Rheumatoid Arthritis ?

Rheumatoid arthritis, commonly known in Hindi as "Gatiya", is a disease of our own dysfunctional immune system. When I say dysfunctional immune system, it means that our own body and immune system which is meant to protect us from other infections an...


Tandoori Chicken

When marinated chicken is grilled in a tandoor, it transforms into ‘Tandoori Chicken’....


The downside of e-learning

Although online learning has gained momentum during the lockdown, the shift to the online medium has raised many concerns among the parents....


Nine unique breathing techniques to practice

Life is an amalgam of unpredictability and apprehensions, especially in times like this. While many things remain out of control, your mind is the only powerhouse which can ameliorate you to cope with a multitude of difficult circumstances...

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