POST-BREXIT: UK's new avatar

Post-Brexit strategy poses great challenges for the UK; to redefine its internal and external policies besides handling the worsening pandemic situation calls for pragmatism in a large dose....


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Finally married after 20 years

A 60-year-old man and a 55-year-old woman, who have been in a live-in relationship for almost 20 years, got married earlier this week. The couple's teenage son felt lucky to witness his parents' wedding....

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The secret of friendship

What is life without honest, real and meaningful friendships? What is life without the love and companion of those who see the beauty, greatness and perfection that lies within you?...


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Now, an online course on Urdu vocabulary

In an initiative to familiarize Urdu language enthusiasts and budding poetry appreciators with the fundamental vocabulary used in Urdu poetry and conversations, Rekhta Foundation has launched an online learning course titled 'Alfaaz'....

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Staying alert prevents mishaps

New Zealand Police are encouraging everyone to be safe during the upcoming Diwali festival. We are seeking to prevent crime, improve public safety, decrease road trauma and actively hold offenders accountable for their actions....

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