The inaugural World Hindu Congress will be held in New Delhi, India, later in the year. The November 21-23 conference has been organized by the World Hindu Foundation.
Leaders and representatives of various Hindu organizations, temples and associations are invited to attend the congress. The number of delegates is limited to 1500, of which foreign delegates are limited to 750.
The theme envisioned is the Hindu principle of Sangachchhadhwam Samvadadhwam, which means ''Step together, Express together''.
The world's Hindu society is a billion in population. Currently, Hindus are facing serious challenges and are being attacked from all directions in many countries.
The main purpose for the World Hindu Congress is to provide a global platform for Hindu society to deliberate and formulate solutions to the myriad challenges being faced by Hindus throughout the world and to devise workable and tangible solutions that can be implemented.
It is expected that the delegates will be people of accomplishment and achievement, committed to working for the Hindu resurgence, and would be mostly from the rank of activists, academicians, educationists, founder of universities, managing trustees, chancellors, vice chancellors, prominent industrialists, businessmen from diverse industries and business bankers, economists, business association leaders, parliamentarians, legislators, and media personalities.
The congress aims to take the movement for Hindu solidarity to the next level.
“This task needs to be undertaken with a single minded focus of rebuilding the spiritual and material heritage of Hindus,” said Swami Vigyananand of the World Hindu Foundation.
“While the first World Hindu Congress is primarily organized by the World Hindu Foundation, all Hindu organizations, associations and institutions from around the world are encouraged to participate and are most welcome to become partners in making this event great success,” Swami Vigyananand said.
Under the World Hindu Congress, there will be several conferences held. These include: The Hindu Economic Conference, Hindu Youth Conference, Hindu Women Conference, Hindu Educational Conference, Hindu Organizational Conference, Hindu Political Conference, Hindu Media Conference.
Following the completion of the first World Hindu Congress, future Congress will be organized every four years in different countries.
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