The perfect fit

For this young fashion designer, it is all about precision. Each garment that she creates or alters is a beautifully-designed and unique piece.Nazneen Daruwalla started Alter Me to pursue her passion for sewing and designing

Photo critique

I find that photo critique is a great way of learning photography. It can help you see photos in a different way that you are used to. This is because every photographer has their unique way of photographing or looking at the subjects.

From script to screen

A producer, scriptwriter and a production designer—Dr Rachel Singh dons many hats while working on a film. Singh started her journey in the television industry and then moved on to capture the silver screen.

Know your money personality

In today’s busy world, money has a crucial role to play in our life, from a medium of exchange to the well-being of a person. The response towards money can indicate a person’s money personality.
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