Movie review: Housefull 3

Star-studded comedies like 'Housefull 3' , I regret to say, are critic-proof. No matter what the critics say, audiences will flock to theatres expecting their dose of masala, cotton candy, nitrous oxide and Khudaa jaane what else.

Movie review: Azhar

The following are statements from the real-life Mohammad Azharuddin: "When I heard about the movie, I was not convinced. But when director Tony D'Souza showed me the script, I gave him the go-ahead."

Film review: Fan

The reasons to be a cross-eyed fan of Shah Rukh Khan remain more compelling than the need to lament the pusillanimity in his recent movie choices. He fought his way up without a godfather in Mumbai's nepotism-ridden film industry,....
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