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With violence gripping Libya, the Indian government said Tuesday that it was making arrangements to facilitate the return of around 4,500 Indian nationals, including 750 nurses.
President Pranab Mukherjee Monday congratulated Indian sports persons who Sunday won medals at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.
Salman Khan and Sajid Nadiadwala’s ‘Kick’ collects (Friday) Rs.26.4 crore, (Saturday) Rs.27.15 crore and (Sunday) Rs.30.18 crore. Rs. 83.73 crore is phenomenal
Islam is a word which denotes not a particular religion but a state of mind, the state of total surrender to the Will of God. Islam means Dedication, Surrender, Peace and Tranquillity
In its 21st convention and annual meeting New Zealand First party announced its candidates list, which includes three Kiwi Indian candidates as well.
A Labour government will undertake a major overhaul of New Zealand’s immigration system, says the main opposition party just two months out of the general election.

Filmi Bakwas

Featuring lots of abs and crazy eyes
Singham parody
Featuring lots of abs and crazy eyes

Filmi Bakwas

Masala mix plus tons of extra visual effects for free
Ra One parody
Masala mix plus tons of extra visual effects for free


The unofficial rules of crossing Indian roads
How to cross Indian roads
The unofficial rules of crossing Indian roads

India specials

A bird's eye view of Mumbai through its Metro railway
The Mumbai metro
A bird's eye view of Mumbai through its Metro railway



Regions supporting a growing economy
Regional New Zealand has led our country out of the global financial crisis with almost every region showing strong growth, and most with a lower unemployment rate than Auckland.


In pursuit of Happiness…..
In todays time and age when we rush about trying to get and keep our lives together and any free time whatsoever is dedicated to Facebook or Twitter or our choice of social media, we seem to forget to check in with ourselves regularly.
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In focus

‘Inner View’ of Ramadan
Islam is a word which denotes not a particular religion but a state of mind, the state of total surrender to the Will of God. Islam means Dedication, Surrender, Peace and Tranquillity

In focus

A Muslim Family's Daily Life
Muslims find themselves either invited or inviting others, whether they are members of the extended family, friends, or the poor.
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Live Shows

Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame 2014
Kiwi Indian of the year - 2014
The Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame award for the year 2014

Tap Out

Gandalf the Goalie
Tap Out
Tapanns Tap Out


Photo by Vasant Koli
Holi 2014
Holi in Auckland


Kim Dotcom launches new music album
Kim Dotcom launches his new album from his mansion.

News from India


News from NZ

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More Goans visiting Vasco da Gama’s tomb
16 former UPA ministers get notice to vacate government bungalows
Goa government advises youth not to take up jobs in Iraq
5th India-US strategic dialogue to get under way today
Fugitive fired bullets during high-speed chase in Tauranga
60 fire fighters battle blaze at Auckland Film Studios
Passengers 'shot' with tiredness after Hawaii debacle
Act leader slams criticism of Maori privilege remarks


Fiji Times logo   3 news logo
Converting turtle hunters
Protest over ads on cabs
Climate change inspires Ram
Lakes End homestead back on solid ground
Some parents object to school's bracelet scheme
War veterans to receive better care
Schools unsure about compensation for Novopay
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Do you think Auckland is the 3rd most live-able city in the world?
No way
Not in the top league
Sure is
Latest Comments
HOTA Forum announces Hindu Wisdom Workshops
Acme of Science

By G srinivasan
Sankhya by Kapillamuni placed in chapter 2 of the Bhagavadgita is an axiomatic theory. It means there can be no other theory of Universal manifestation. Sankhya is perfect and read it on kapillavastu dot com
Degei or Kaliya – a closer look at one of Fiji’s enduring myths
Customs akin to Hindu practices

By Mathew
Firstly there are snakes in Fiji, whoever wrote this, seriously has not been to any interior or farmland, or Island that has little to no mongoose, secondly Shave heads as a badge for death of a close friend? in Fiji the temple is sacred and to touch a head is sacred, that is why the men had huge afros and dreadlocks
Suva’s Grand Pacific Hotel to regain lost glory

By Sarah
I just love how the hotel looks today.It is just so beautiful.I wished I could get a place there if given the opportunity
When the Sikhs fought alongside Kiwis and Aussies

By Sher Singh
Bro, stop lying you want this indian word to hide over the fact that. At the time, the largest portion of the army came from Punjab.  With the largest portion from that being Sikhs and then muslims. You, as a hindu indian from somewhere else have no connection to that. Pakistan is a separate country, and the Sikhs are not under india. Indian does still apply to both, however not in unique instances where they are the sole contributors. The only non punjabis were Rajputs and even among the Jatts

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