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Coming Soon: First Woman IPS Officer Kiran Bedi's Biopic

A biopic on Kiran Bedi has been announced

A biopic on Kiran Bedi, the first woman IPS officer of India, has been announced. It is titled 'Bedi: The Name You Know. The Story You Don't'.Dream Slate Pictures made the announcement about the biopic in Delhi.



Formerly India's national junior tennis champion, Bedi joined the IPS in 1972. She served as the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry from 2016 - 2021.
This film chronicles the life of Kiran Bedi, India's first and indomitable woman IPS officer, written and directed by Kushaal Chawla.

In an interview with ANI, Kiran Bedi expressed her excitement about her upcoming biopic.
"It gives butterflies in my stomach."She also introduced reforms at Delhi's Tihar jail by addressing corruption and human rights abuses she found there.

When asked from where the idea of becoming an IPS officer came, she said, "The power of uniform. It stands for instant justice, instant good and this is what was sensitising me as I grew up."
She further told about the massive support she has received from her family. She shared, "It's been a massive support. When your family supports you, you are determined that what you want, there is no obstacle, no challenge. There is only opportunity.'

Exuding her experience from the time of her journey, she said that, "every posting of mine" has been change oriented. "Things change rapidly; needs of people you are serving are developing. So, therefore wherever posted and wherever you are in charge you have to look for what must change and change for the better", she added.

She recalled being away from home was the hardest part of her training. "I was always mentally and physically strong when I joint the service, NCC and tennis championship. Sports and tennis really built me up," she said.

'Bedi: The Name You Know. The Story You Don't' promises to delve deeper into Bedi's life, "revealing the untold incidents, personal and professional challenges and unwavering determination that shaped her extraordinary career in policing," according to a statement from Dream Slate Pictures, as per Variety.

The writer- director for the film, Kushaal Chawla also expressed that how his personality has been inspired and shaped seeing the work of Kiran Bedi. "It is an honour and privilege to write and direct a film about unique life of Dr Kiran Bedi. She has been a tremendous inspiration to me, and having her trust to direct this film is truly a blessing."

"In this feature film, I explore heart-warming transformations, unseen triumphs, and the extraordinary personal and professional journey of Dr Bedi as she navigated her path as the first woman in the male-dominated world of policing. I believe the audience will truly get to know the woman behind the khaki, and be inspired and moved by her unwavering dedication and relentless navigation," he added.
Kiran Bedi has always been known for her dedication and service, she gives a message for the aspiring officers, stating, that, "one should come with a purpose dedication, missionary zeal. This is not a job, it is a mission, service dedication. It is all about giving. You don't have time for yourself. For those who come there is no Saturday, Sunday or a holiday."

Kushaal Chawla has been working for more than four years now on the film. He said, "This film is a labour of love. Four years of expansive research and scriptwriting have ensured an authentic and insightful portrayal of Dr Kiran Bedi, India's most beloved and iconic cop.'

It is produced by Gaurav Chawla. The makers aim to release the film in 2025 when International Women's Day completes 50 years. (ANI)

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