Chef Himanshu Taneja, Culinary Director, South Asia, Marriott International has shared special Christmas recipes of Plum Pudding and Panettone that you can easily create at home for guests or relish with the family:



Fresh breadcrumbs - 4500 Gms
Refine wheat flour - 1125 Gms
Black current - 4500 Gms
Raisins - 9000 Gms
Dates - 2225 Gms
Nutmeg powder - 5 Gms
Orange zest - 10 Nos
Cinnamon powder - 5 Gms
Baking powder - 50 Gms
Mix spices - 5 Gms
Brown sugar - 4500 Gms
Butter - 4000 Gms
Vanilla essence - 40 Ml
Whole eggs - 2000 Gms


Cream the butter and brown sugar until became creamy and fluffy.

Add eggs a little at a time, keep creaming the mixture until smooth and fluffy.

Add flour, spice powders and baking powder, fold nicely.

Add all the fruits mix them well, followed by adding breadcrumbs mix them.

Place it in the pudding mold bake it in Bain Marie in deck oven at 150*c for four hours, for 400gm mixture.



Milk - 470 Gms
Sugar - 200 Gms
Honey - 25 Gms
Yeast - 50 Gms
Egg yolks - 300 Gms
T55 flour - 1000 Gms
Vanilla essence - 10 Ml
Salt - 20 Gms
Butter - 650 Gms
Raisins - 300 Gms
Mixed candied peals - 200 Gms


Butter - 240 Gms
Sugar - 180 Gms
T55 flour - 240 Gms
Whole eggs - 100 gms
Water 120 Ml
Almond flakes - 50 Gms
Pearl sugar - 50 Gms


1. Dilute the yeast in milk, add honey and egg yolk, vanilla essence and make dough out of it by adding T55 flour and sugar on speed 1 for 5 minutes and speed 2 for 7 minutes.

2. Add the butter to the dough keep kneading the dough for 2 minutes, followed by that add salt continue kneading for 2 more minutes.

3. Add Raisins and candied fruits fold it well, keep it resting for 40 minutes, fold the dough twice, scale and keep in it the baking mold for final proving.

4. Meanwhile make the topping by mixing all the ingredients together as mentioned in the recipe.

top it on the proved dough, bake at 180 in convection oven for 20 mins for 400 grams of dough.

5. Hang it upside down until the Panettone will come down to room temperature.