A 40-year-old Uber driver was stabbed and left for dead in an attempted carjacking last week in Perth’s eastern suburbs.

Kumar Subramanium a peace loving immigrant of Indian origin had just finished his shift and was having a takeaway meal near a MacDonald’s when he was attacked with a knife.

Police say around 11 pm, the victim, a 40-year-old man, was in white Mitsubishi Outlander in the car park situated at a shopping precinct on Hale Road, when a man approached him and attempted to take his vehicle.

“The man attempted to remove the victim from the vehicle and the victim became involved in a physical struggle with the man. Members of the public came to the victim’s assistance, and the man ran off. At the time, the man was in possession of a bladed weapon,” said the police in a statement.

The alleged would-be carjacker got away with nothing and left the driver in a pool of blood on the pavement, with stab wounds in his chest, both hands and his knee and left for dead in the carpark.

Bystanders ran to help but Kumar’s vision was beginning to blur.

The Uber driver was taken to the Royal Perth Hospital with non life threatening injuries and since has been discharged.

The victim was searching for the mystery person, who called an ambulance and stayed with him till paramedics arrived, wanting to thank them in person.

The good Samaritan has since been located and duly thanked.

'I owe you my life' said Subramanium to the stranger who came to his help and put pressure on his wounds, trying to stop the bleeding.

Kade Wallam, a 24-year-old father of four from Huntingdale was arrested at home, just hours after the incident.

He faced court denying any involvement, the magistrate denied his bail.