Yoga and meditation lovers around the world have a new way to connect thanks to a world-first mobile app to be launched on International Yoga Day (June 21).

Targeting the more than $100b global yoga and meditation market, myyodaa is the first app to connect yoga and meditation students and teachers around the globe, via personalised, live, one-to-one video classes – at a time, place and price they choose.

Auckland women Ziena Jalil, Erin Leuschke and Gina Beck conceived the idea when they were looking to maintain healthy lifestyles while balancing work and family commitments.

World-first yoga and meditation app launches for post-Covid world

myyodaa founders (L-R): Erin, Ziena and Gina

That need has only grown in the wake of Covid-19.

“This is like an Airbnb for wellness. Unlike existing apps which offer pre-recorded videos, one-to-many online classes, or a small number of teachers from a specific studio teaching their specific school of yoga online, myyodaa provides an open platform, from which qualified teachers can deliver personalised classes to students,” says Co-founder Ziena.

“As working mothers, we know how hard it is to keep up a regular fitness practice. Along with the pressures of time, money and childcare, you want to get the right teacher for you and without it costing the earth.”

“We started building myyodaa in January 2019. Covid-19 has made it a lot more relevant.”

Using myyodaa, instructors from Auckland to New Delhi can teach students from their homes, studios or even outdoors.

Students, including absolute beginners, can browse teachers (called yodaas) and book personalised sessions based on class type, ratings, availability, language or cost. Live video classes can take place within the app saving users from having to navigate through a multitude of platforms.

Andrew Melville, a meditation teacher on myyodaa, says “using the app means I can select times and accept student bookings that work around my other commitments.”

Covid-19 has forced many yoga studios to reduce class sizes, encourage students to bring their own mats and change scheduling to allow for disinfecting studios. This has pushed up costs, leaving teachers out of work.

“At a time when people need yoga and meditation more than ever, Covid-19 has cut discretionary incomes. Affordable online classes, with pay-as-you-go systems like myyodaa help meet this new need. For teachers, myyodaa provides an income stream,” Ziena says.

“Covid-19 showed us how interconnected the world is: myyodaa allows teachers and students from around the world to connect in a common purpose centred on better health and wellbeing while supporting livelihoods.”

myyodaa is available for free download from the AppStore and Google Play.