It seems that now Mac users can update their systems to macOS Monterey without worrying about the booting issues.

Recently it was reported that some users are facing booting up issues with their mac devices. 

However, in the latest development, the company has confirmed that the issue has been resolved and now users can update their devices without any hesitation. Let’s have a closer look at the issue and the fix. 

A week back it was reported by many users that their old Macs were behaving weirdly, they were facing bricking issues after updating their devices to the latest operating system.

Some users claimed that the update has messed up with their device ports and it's impossible for them to boot up the Mac and run the troubleshoot. Users took to social media to report the issue and some doubted the newly released operating system for the reason behind the issue. Apple confirmed the same last Friday and now it has resolved the issue. 

Apple has informed YouTuber Rene Ritchie that the developers have spotted the issue and the fix is ready. According to the company, the issue was affecting Mac devices with the Apple T2 security chip, which was used on 16 Mac models launched in the last three years. 

“We have identified and fixed an issue with the firmware on the Apple T2 security chip that prevented a very small number of users from booting up their Mac after updating macOS,” Ritchie quoted Apple officially.

“The updated firmware is now included with the existing macOS updates. Any users impacted by this issue can contact Apple Support for assistance.”

As per the company, the issue was mainly faced by users with MacBook 13, 15, and 16-inch Pro models, that are manufactured from 2018 to 2020. While the 13-inch MacBook Air with Retina display from 2018 to 2020 models also gets affected by the issue.