Black Caps captain Kane Williamson lauded MS Dhoni for his amazing stand on the ground at the semi-final that almost slid the game from the Kiwis at the Old Trafford in Manchester, on Wednesday, July 11.

During the post-match press conference, responding to a question from a journalist 'if Kane Williamson was the captain, had he taken MS Dhoni in his squad?', the Black Cap skipper said MS Dhoni has been extremely important part of the Indian team and has an immense contribution towards India's reach so far in the world cup. 

"He is not eligible to play for New Zealand, (followed by a laugh) but is a world-class player," Kane Williamson said. 

Kane Williamson then praised Ravindra Jadeja for his exceptionally well batting in those pressure overs and said it was better than anyone in the two teams that played the semi-final that day.

"His partnership with Jadeja who came in and hit the bowl better than anybody in both teams was very very valuable, and he is a world-class cricketer," the skipper added. 

Kane then asked, "Is he looking to change nationalities, cuz, we will consider that selection if we have to."

MS Dhoni was dismissed in a controversial run-out, that tilted the game in the Kiwi's favour entirely. 

Commenting on that the skipper said, "that run-out was significant. We have seen Dhoni finish games from those similar positions on a number of occasions."

Watch the video here: Courtesy: Saj Sadiq, Twitter