The internet is a great place to be in. All your dreams can come true with the help of a laptop and internet.

Successful internet entrepreneur Saurabh Bhatnagar says it is only the internet that has given him the life that he dreamt of and he wants more and more people from India to do really well on the internet space and make more money and live the kind of life that they want. Truth is that it is easily possible if you run an online business of your own. The best part is you don't even need to create any physical product to do business online. You can offer digital products and services, get paid and serve your customers right from your home.

But multiple complications are associated with doing an online business. For the website, you need the help of coding which is a huge expense if you are not a coder. Plus you have to make a minimum 7-8 different software work together in sync to ensure you have a seamless online business. Now managing so much software is a headache in itself and it actually adds a burden to your pocket.

To make things easy, "Funnel builders" are a kind of product that replaces the need of 10 different software and lets you run, manage and even start a new online profitable business completely from the scratch right from a single platform. Yes, even if you are a completely non-tech person and you have zero business experience before.

But there are no funnel builders based out of India. And the ones that are popular in the western markets are really costly for Indian customers. Moreover, they don't have integrations with the Indian payment gateways.

Internet Entrepreneur Saurabh Bhatnagar felt it was a major space that was missing in the Indian market and he wanted to fill that space. With this vision in mind, Saurabh and his team are coming up with India's first-ever funnel builder software "FlexiFunnels".

That would make the online business building so easy for people in our country. Even the non-tech and zero business experience people would be able to run a successful and profitable business online.

It would make things really convenient for people in India. Moreover, it won't add any cost burdens at all. Since they will be pricing it as per the Indian market.

Imagine people who are non-coders and come from different backgrounds will be able to create their websites and funnels online with a simple drag and drop technology. You will be able to make better websites that load at a faster pace without the need for coding.
No tech background required at all!!

Moreover, you won't need any additional hosting. Payment gateways will be integrated. Autoresponder, webinar integrations will be there. You can build profitable funnels (the real key to success online), host courses within the platform, send automated emails and so much more is included inside FlexiFunnels - India's first funnel builder.

They have released "FlexiFunnels" beta access to some of their inner circle members already and the response is phenomenal. The beta users are in love with the product already.

"We are just happy because of the fact that FlexiFunnels will help so many Indian dreams turn into reality and will truly help people live their internet dream," said Saurabh.

FlexiFunnels is expected to be launched in the first week of January 2021.

"That truly would be the beginning of the new Indian dream. Really excited!!" said Saurabh Bhatnagar. (ANI/Media Dekho)