Biocon Ltd, an innovation-led global biopharmaceuticals company, announced on Monday that ‘The Medicine Maker Power List 2020 has ranked its Executive Chairperson, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, as one of the world's top 20 inspirational leaders in the field of biopharmaceuticals.

She has been recognised for her contribution to the world of medicine as an entrepreneur and innovative business leader.

The Medicine Maker Power List 20 for 2020 celebrates 60 great minds who have brought innovation in small molecules, biopharmaceuticals and advanced medicine.

It highlights professionals who are driving the industry forward and saving lives by developing new medicines and lending a helping hand in bringing Covid-19 vaccines and treatments to the market as soon as possible.

Mazumdar-Shaw has been featuring on the Medicine Maker Power List for six consecutive years since 2015.

"It's indeed an honour to be featured on the ‘Medicine Maker Power List' alongside AG V Prasad and other remarkable and inspirational individuals whose work has positively influenced the fields of small molecules, biopharmaceuticals and advanced medicine.

At a time when humanity is threatened by a deadly viral pandemic, the world is looking at the medical sciences to get us through the crisis. The medical science community has risen to the challenge, sharing knowledge of potential treatments, coordinating clinical trials, developing new models of cooperation, and publishing findings immediately to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic," Mazumdar-Shaw said.